Thursday, 28 January 2010

Pointless Graph of the Day: Mk II

Today's graph is looking at Alcohol related deaths in England. Similar to yesterday, I'm looking at how these rates vary compared to voting patterns in the 2009 Euro Elections (where we showed that Labour voters are more likely to let their teenagers smoke).

As with yesterday, Red is Labour vote share, Blue represents the Tory vote share. Simple, right?

As with yesterday, we've got another pretty obvious conclusion.

It looks like Labour voters are more likely to be drinking themselves to death. Conservative voters are less likely to feel the need to drink so excessively.

Caveat: Yes, I know the stats behind those conclusions are shaky as hell. Hence the title - "Pointless Graph". However, just because it's somewhat simplistic, doesn't mean that there's a grain of truth in it. Yes, there's mostly likely another factor that makes people both drink themselves to death AND vote Labour. It's probably Thatcher, or something.

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