Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Labour PPB - Fighters and Believers - Depressing Messages

I've just seen the new Labour Party Political Broadcast (video below)

It's still got the ominous threat at the end.

It's still got Bevan and Bevin confused.
Lots of new shots of Brown with Children, Brown with Obama (x3), Brown with Mandela.

There's a whole new shot of a large TV screen by some banks, complete with the following messages - bought to you by this Labour Government:
Economy to slow this year despite rate cuts
Who fucked the economy? That's right - Labour.

Mortgage approvals slump to record lows
Who allowed asset prices to bubble helping to put us in the shit we're in? Labour again.

Bank's Sentance says weak pound aggravating inflation pressures

The pound has weakened about 20%, this is inflation we'll soon be importing. Under whose stewardship did this happen? Again it was Labour.

You'd think they'd at least remove these depressing messages from their own broadcasts!

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