Thursday, 12 November 2009

MoD PR and Mrs Bercow

I read this heartwarming story earlier, confirming how the government and the MoD are finally sorting out the endemic accommodation issues that plague the Armed Forces.

I particularly liked this quote from Trainee Logistician William Boyes

"It's quieter at night because you don't have the constant snoring of other people and we no longer have 24 people fighting for four washing machines, because there is one per eight."

Well, I can deal with some 17 year old kid making a fuck-up like that. But is someone being paid to push out pointless PR fluff like this and not being able to spot that 1 washing machine for 6 people is less people per machine than 1 washing machine for 8 people.

Ye gods!

In other news Mrs Bercow is standing as a Labour MP at the next election. That's a fucking surprise. The only reason he was selected was to piss off the Tories before they got in, as he was clearly sliding left as far as his wife could take him. Sure the rules say he has to be impartial and say nothing about his wife. I wonder how well the Public sector would take things if the female CEO of Goldman Sachs was married to the head of the FSA?

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