Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Banks or Body Armour

Another day, another story about the government pumping more money into our Banking System.

Basically, Lloyds TSB are having a rights issue to raise money from existing shareholders. As the government owns a decent chunk of the shares another £5.7Bn of our money is heading into the black hole.

Well, I've thought of a new way of sizing this pile of cash. The new Osprey Assault Body Armour (and Mk 7 helmet) cost about £1,600 for each set (£16m contract for 10,000 sets).

So, with this particular bailout we could buy nearly 36 million sets of body armour, hilariously enough for every solider in Afghanistan to have one for every day of the year, with some left over for high days and holidays!

The military don't need as much cash as the banks are getting, but it would be nice if they could at least get the kit they need.

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