Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Labour Rats Abandoning the Sinking Ship

Following on from the list here showing all Labour Donors (who've donated a total of more than £100k since 2001). I decided to have a look through and see how donations to Labour have changed over time.

The following graph shows donations in 2008 compared to 2009 from Trade Unions, Individuals and Companies.

  • Donations from Companies have fallen from over £1 million to just over £750k, a drop of 25%
  • Donations from Individuals have fallen off a cliff from £6.6m to £3.7m. This is a massive fall of 45%
  • Whilst Donations from Unions have risen by 4%, this is hardly enough to counteract this massive shortfall in Labour's funding

Whilst in 2008, private individuals may have supported Labour to the tune of nearly £7m, these people have all realised what the true chance of Labour winning the election is and have chosen to take their money elsewhere. Rats off a sinking ship, anyone?

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