Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Resource: Labour Donors over £100k

DonorNumber of DonationsTotal Donations
Union of Shop Distributive and Allied Workers3778,471,326
Transport and General Workers Union2846,721,215
Lord David Sainsbury56,061,808
Unite - AMICUS Section2585,258,720
Communication Workers Union (CWU)5345,193,968
Unite - TGWU Section852,662,979
Lord Sainsbury of Turville22,505,000
Nigel Doughty92,305,201
Sir Ronald Cohen102,300,000
Lakshmi Mittal22,125,000
Lord David Sainsbury of Turville52,016,000
Lord Sainsbury12,000,000
Lakshminiwas Mittal12,000,000
Unite - AMICUS371,531,477
UNITE - Transport and General Workers Union131,329,160
Amicus AEEU1001,311,486
Lord Paul Drayson21,005,000
Sir Christopher Ondaatje CBE21,000,250
Lord Paul Hamlyn21,000,000
Jon Aisbitt41,000,000
Joanne Rowling11,000,000
Mr William Haughey OBE3990,000
Communications Workers Union (CWU)158953,445
Mahmoud Khayami4830,000
Union of construction Allied Trades & Technicians68742,057
Communications Workers Union93693,361
TBWA London Ltd35692,763
Sir Christopher Ondaatje2600,000
Graphical Paper & Media Union56587,454
Transport Salaried Staff Association89582,252
Sir David Garrard2552,278
The Co-operative Party280534,768
Saatchi & Saatchi Group Limited4446,037
Sir Sigmund Sternberg22427,633
Derek Tullett CBE3400,000
Co-operative Party197356,915
Amicus MSF16356,532
Communication Workers Union CWU37341,942
Sir Gulam Noon6323,826
KPMG LLP23314,266
Muslim Friends of Labour8312,000
Lord Sushantha Bhattacharyya10306,594
Transport & General Workers Union11303,591
Sir Frank Lowe12300,000
Mr Nigel Doughty5288,000
Musicians Union62280,719
Mr William Bollinger3260,725
Mr Michael Watt2260,000
William Bollinger1250,000
Ronald Cohen1250,000
Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians22208,317
Sir Alan Sugar1200,000
Derek Tullet CBE2200,000
Bill Kenwright1200,000
Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP2184,193
Sir Maurice Hatter3176,000
Thompsons Solicitors74172,399
Unite - AMICUS Section - Sponsorship22171,207
Sterling Capitol Plc1160,000
Fire Brigades Union46158,948
The Co-operative Group11153,508
Mr David Abrahams (originally reported from John McCarthy)4152,125
Communication Workers Union11150,551
Mr Peter Coates2150,000
Mr Mahmoud Khayami - Sponsorship1150,000
Mr Derek Tullett CBE2150,000
Charles Peel2150,000
Bet365 Ltd2150,000
Mr David Abrahams (originally reported as from R. Ruddick)4147,850
Mr David Abrahams (originally reported as from Janet Kidd)6147,000
Picture Production Company Ltd2136,400
KPMG UK Ltd4135,000
National Union of Mineworkers54132,129
The Video Meeting Company Limited1131,930
Tait Communications9131,112
Croydon Labour Group30126,960
Denise Gleeson2126,750
Steve Lazarides1121,600
Rail, Maritime, Transport40121,454
Peter Thompson OBE2120,000
Haringey Labour Group34111,114
Mr Amin Hemani2110,200
Gulam Noon5109,000
Transport and Salaried Staff Association22108,640
Ceramics & Allied Trades Union20105,359
River Front Properties Ltd40104,073
Mr Christopher Ondaatje3102,500
Vera Archer1100,000
Thomas Marsoner1100,000
Sir Gulam Noon MBE1100,000
Mr William Archer1100,000
Mr Tom Hunter1100,000
Mr Derek Tullett1100,000
Mr Charles Peel1100,000
Hillside (New Media) Limited1100,000
Dr Paul Drayson2100,000
Bob Murray CBE1100,000


  1. Are "Lakshminiwas Mittal" and "Lakshmi Mittal" the same person? What about "Lord Sainsbury of Turville", "Lord David Sainsbury of Turville" and "Lord Sainsbury"? And is there a connection between "Amicus", "Amicus AEEU", "Amicus MSF" and "AEEU"?

    In fact, it looks like most of the donors in there are listed under multiple variatons on the same name...

  2. King of Wrong,

    I'm not actually hugely surprised by that - afterall, this is nearly ten years of data and there do seem to be a bunch of rookie typos in the data, some of which you've pointed out.

    Another one I found quite fun was "Mr Patrick Stewart OBE" (£20,000) and "Mr Patrick Stewart" (£60,000) with "Partick Stewart OBE" (£50,000). Wonder if they're the same guy? I'm sure they had nothing to do with a guy with a very similar name getting knighted in December. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8434903.stm

    I can put the full list out in the wild if there's any demand, I've just found that all figures from mid-2007 have been encoded as text, not values, so aren't appearing in this. Update to come (plus perhaps some more analysis).

  3. Agreed, it's not all that surprising - but one might naively hope that the party (no big-P yet) would have made some effort to keep things joined-up with people donating seven-figure sums.

    I'd certainly hate to make a donation then get pestered for another as someone's pulled the wrong file and it shows nothing for a couple of years... Then again, that's also why I don't give out my contact details to people who might ask me for donations ;)

  4. I'm sure their records will be as joined up as possible. I've just updated the list to include the latest couple of years of data.