Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Who let the cat out of the bin?

OK, so by now, pretty much everyone on the planet, including a tribe in the jungle in Peru who have had no contact with the wider world since a plane flew overhead in 1952, has seen this photo:

Yes! It's the woman who put a cat in a bin.

I know it's August and no one really has anything better to do, but since when was putting a cat in a rather large box the worst crime known to humanity? Some people have even called for the culprit to be put to death.

OK. Let me get something straight here. The animal was a cat. It wasn't a small child, it wasn't a 85 year old man, it wasn't an adult. It was a cat. A small furry cat. It might be cute, it might purr sweetly when lazing in the sun, but it's still only a cat.

This woman didn't kill 55 Mexicans. She didn't rape 150 women and small boys. She didn't kill an 8yr old girl.

She put a Cat. In a box. She didn't break any law.

For fucks-sake people, there are serious crimes committed by nasty people. This woman, bad though she may be, is not something we should be getting riled up about. If you run over a cat in your car, whilst you may feel bad about it, there is no need to report it, same as hitting a badger, rabbit, stoat or any other wild animal.

Let's focus on the big things, right?

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